Gratitude Monday

Heavy rain. Glorious sunshine. Hard work. Play. Pride weekend. Drinking on the streets in Dublin. Too much vodka. Pints of Guinness. Stolen kisses from a beardy, Scottish stranger. Boldness and mischief. Power naps. Tired & emotional taxi drive home. Rant about the one who will never love me like I want him too. Sore head. Deleted texts. Long shower. Pork and leek sausages. Marlay Park. Drinking beer in the sun. Chilling with family. Listening to the Pixies, live, for the third time in my life. Black Francis storming off stage. Arcade Fire. Arcade fucking Fire. Regine dancing her ass off. Neon ribbons. Face paint. Confetti explosions. Meeting an old college friend. Giant U2 bobble heads. Nothing Compares to You. Sun down. Chinese lanterns. Wake Up. Getting lost. Ice cream. Silly strangers on a bus. No voice. Long sleep in on a Monday morning. Braids in my hair. Strolling through Dublin in the blazing sunshine. Burgers on a patio. Weekend debriefing & catch up. Cinema. Sun burn (pink with pleasure). Bed time. Happy. Grateful.



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