don’t be afraid


Portobello, Dublin 8
Portobello, Dublin 8


I’m reading “Courage, The Joy of Living Dangerously” by Osho and I’ve challenged myself to be a ‘real warrior’ for one month- to do the opposite of what I normally do in situations that scare me, or challenge me. I’m taking baby steps, of course. I’m not about to go base jumping or anything like that!

Osho believes that once you can do the opposite of your usual response, you will understand how to drop both responses, and therefore you can become truly fearless. For me, it’s also about stretching out the time between stimulus and response. While I’m not particularly impulsive in my behaviour, my negative thought patterns and anxieties can go from zero to ninety when triggered.

I’m only a week or so in, and already I have seen how things simply do not fall apart when I react differently. Instead of acting in a way I feel is incongruent, I’ve simply disengaged from situations where I would have been so fearful of rocking the boat, or angering someone or simply not being the person they want me to be. It is interesting and liberating. I don’t feel cowardly or brave, meek or assertive. I just feel like myself as my best self.


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