Happy New Year

“For last year’s words belong to another language and next year’s words await another voice”

T.S. Eliot. 


I wish you all a happy and healthy 2014.


I hope that your year is filled with love, passion, hope, courage and vulnerability as these are all the things that made 2013 a year that tried and tested me; where I shed many tears and some friendships, where I felt the good side and the bad side of love, where I found my voice and spoke out, and, most importantly, where I found more acceptance and love for myself.  


Beginning as I mean to continue, surrounded by loving friends


the lioness awakes

Perched on the smooth

Leather couch, that

Holds tales told

By dozens of souls,

She lays-

Limbs; languorous

Long, elegant

And strong-

Stretched out,

Taking pride of place

In this room,

Built for two, yet

Sometimes so loud

From the din of the den,

To hear herself think.

She awakes from a long,

Numbing slumber,

Free from the shackles

She grew to encumber

Her power, her beauty,

Her strength, her grace;

Now hers to embrace.

The lioness awakes.

The lioness awakes.

thank you

Between us there

Was nothing,

Except the truth.

No games, or pretence,

No lies at our own expense.

You kissed me, not my mouth

Or my flesh, tasting

My hurt and my mess,

My bones undressed.

I lost myself in you,

And I think you felt it too.

Thank you.

theda bara with skeleton (1915)