merci beaucoup

‘Merci beaucoup,’

I drawled, amid pulls on

The sagging cigarette,

‘Fuck you’,

I hissed, flicking

Ash out the window’s veil.  


You said, quiet as a

Tiny, timid mouse.

And you left then

I guess- left me

With this fucking mess- 

And then, mon dieu,

You were gone,

Long gone

Before I ever knew. 

reason & rhyme

I could stand forever

With you, knee deep

In this unbridled field,

Abandoned trees framing

This perfect moment;

Locking of lips,

Hands grasping

My hips, a sudden

Solar eclipse.

My reasons,

Which reason could

Never know true,

For loving you- silly

When burdened

By the spoken word-,

Withstand the doubt,

The fears, the trials

And tears. I wonder

Why it isn’t enough,

Just to love you,

Just like this,

Like this timeless,

Unabashed kiss,

In this wintery bliss.

in season

Twigs crumbled

Underneath my foot,

Connecting roots from the

Tips of my toes, to

The tiny, emerging

Slices of silver,

Streaking my scalp.

I stopped and

Listened, blanketed

By leaves, and willed

My beating heart

To stop, so suddenly

And shortly, just so I

Could hear the sounds

Surrounding, me and

Feel the sprouting

Crocuses, and hear the moans

Of tired, nesting creatures,

And see the bark of

The rough, rigid trees.

This garden of banal temptation-

Offering me nothing that I haven’t

Seen before- is more alive

When winter is coming,

And more beautiful its

Decaying maquaillage.