open sesame

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I was sitting alone when the heavens opened and began to wash away the summer’s day. I stayed sitting in the moment, the air still warm and the rain bouncing hard against the surrounding pavement. It was not a pitiful summer shower; this was the heavy storm that signified the change on the way

I let it pour down on me, matting my bleached hair against my shoulders, and dripping down my face. My tears went unnoticed against this backdrop, and the rain did not so much as wash them away as it did join forces with them. In those moments I let myself wail like a hungry baby, then wiped my eyes with my sodden sleeve.

It stopped as soon as it started yet the sky kept it grey blanket over the city. My teeth chattering, I wiped the snot from my face and began to squelch home, longing for the heavens to open once again.


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