just a day

It was just a day, when we sat

in Bray, right on the edge of the

World. It was Him and I, and

We watched the sky

return her tears to the sea.

Then we smoked some weed,

with joyful greed and became

our own private joke.

He licked salt from my

lips, gently touching my fingertips,

instantly I was

Lost and Found. But the night grew cold,

and romance got old, we said

our goodbyes ‘neath

the stars. Yet no matter

How hard I tried, or how long I cried

all it became was this


pizza for breakfast

when all was said and done,

and we’d torn each other apart,

ripping the skin from our own bones,

risking collapse into a pile of dust,

you told me “I have my hurt and

you have yours,”

but I know you,

yes you,

don’t feel it like I do.

you never did.

you never will.

you stupid fool, I think,

of me, not you.

my face, damp and ugly,

and my body tired

from being so heavy.

i’m done i say, aloud